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We still have hundreds of products to add to the store so keep watching for new items at great prices! We welcome your feedback about our new store and questions about our product lines. If you have questions about products not yet in this store please call 603-876-4443 or use our contact form.

We are a Multiline Discount Metal Detector Dealer and sell White’s, Minelab, Fisher, Garrett, and DetectorPro. We have over 30 years of experience in selling metal detectors. Our Discount Pricing Structure is designed to equalize machines with like features and performance, for all manufacturers. And in doing so, no matter which detector you purchase, you will always receive maximum value for the money you spend. If you need comparative information, or are looking for the Best Pricing and Service, please call us at 603-876-4443. You can also email us at at Streeters also publishes the Treasure Hunter’s Gazette newspaper and we have had visitors from most US states, Canada, England, Greece, France, Holland, Poland and from many other far away places.

Merchandise sold through our store in Marlborough, NH is priced the same. With an in store sale are live instructions, tons of valuable information, a Society membership, a Treasure Hunters Gazette newspaper subscription and first hand information about the  BONE treasure week we organize every year.